Friday, 24 January 2020

NFCC Sunday Club Ride, 26th January 2020

Meet at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.

We leave Brockenhurst via Meerut Rd, then turn onto Rhinefield drive to the A35. Turn left onto the A35 and then taking care make the right turn up Lyndhurst rd towards Burley. We avoid reaching the fleshpots of Burley by taking a right onto Forest road and then along Moortown lane towards Crow.

The name "Crow" may be derived from an old Common Brittonic word ‘Criw’ meaning "ford", or perhaps "craw" meaning "hovel". The estate agents tend to focus on ‘Ford’ today but certainly during the time that the Doomsday book was compiled in 1086 Crow wasn’t the fancy-dan place that it is today.

The local lord, the ambitious Godric Malf owned the few plough-able fields in the area but paid just two ‘geld pieces’ in taxation to his lord King William per annum.

The entrepreneurial Godric Malf’s root vegetable empire had sadly failed after gambling on the ‘King William turnip’ but he eventually struck 'Geld' for his cultivation of the Horse Chestnut tree. Malf's fame chiefly derives from his invention of a simple game played using the fruiting bodies of these trees and two shoe laces. It was Godric himself who introduced the sport to King William in 1068 who became a skilled exponent of the game, ultimately earning himself the epithet by which he has been known ever since.

‘William the Conkerer’ went on to write his follow–up best-seller and whilst ‘Let’s go Conkers’ didn’t quite have the gravitas of 'The Domesday book' it is still a useful guide for ‘Aggie-heads’ everywhere. William’s hardening techniques, Gimleting and record breaking 66’er are still legend today.

We arrive at Charles's lane and proceed to Ringwood Rd where we head south. Next we turn right onto Harpway lane and then carefully navigate our way between Sopley and Bransgore. At the Lamb Inn we head east along Bockhampton and Harrow Rd. Then head north on Forest rd before passing through Burley and joining Burley and Pound lane. Its back to Brock via Wilverley and ten Bends, finishing at The Sett cafe at Brockenhurst for the hard earned calorific sin of your choice and a cup of their finest.

Forecast is 'Not bad for this time of year' so hopefully a well-attended week. Route downloadable here
Club Ride – Saturday 25th January

As Barry is on holiday, I've been asked to plan this weeks Saturday club ride.

The route is a total of 92km (57 miles).

Usual meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.

Out via South Weirs, Wilverley, Burley, Crow, Poulner, Mockbeggar, Godshill, Woodgreen, Downton, Redlynch, Lover, Hampworth, Nomansland, Newbridge, Winsor, Netley Marsh, with a cafe stop in Woodlands at Spot In The Woods (70km).

Then a 22km return to Brock via Minstead, Emery Down and Bolderwood, Rhinefeild.

Forecast is looking good with plenty of sunshine!

Usual winter pace of around 26Kmh.

Phil G


Thursday, 16 January 2020

Sunday Club Ride 19th January 2020

Because we are expecting frost and possibly ice at the usual start time this week we are moving both weekend rides a couple of hours back to 11.00.
Meet in the car park on Brookley  Rd, Brockenhurst, 10.50 for an 11.00 A.M start.
According to Strava’s detailed analysis of its 9,000,000 members January the 19th is the day that the most new year’s resolutions go pear- shaped, tits –up, come a cropper and bite the dust. It’s the time when the New Year train of hope is most likely to smash headlong into the buffers of disappointment or when the peach of dreams is smashed pitilessly beneath  Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnsons mallet of reality.  
Strava tactfully refers to this as ‘quitter’s day’. 
Here at the New Forest Cycling Club however we don’t know the meaning of the word quitter, nor quisquitious and are universally dedicated to ramping up our training regimes in order to be racing fit for the summer. 
With that in mind and in order to keep us all buzzing with New Year’s excitement I have planned out a new route to try out. I know that the thrill of riding on largely familiar roads in a slightly different order or sometimes even in reverse will be almost too much for some to bear but dig in and we’ll get through it together.
We head out of Brock via Sway Rd, hang a right towards Sway, left and then left again on Pitmore lane before re-joining Sway Rd. a quick left on the main rd to take the right onto Marsh lane, hang a left over the water before joining S. Baddesley Rd, through South Baddesley itself and left through the East End on the Lymington Rd. Up to East Boldre and Hatchet Pond.
From hatchet Pond we turn right, pass Beaulieu and follow Hatchet lane all the way to Lyndhurst passing Boltons Bench on our right.
Folklore has it that a dragon was slain locally by the valiant Knight Berkeley and his dog. The Dragon’s corpse turning into the hill at Bolton’s Bench . The Knight, mentally broken by the fight went there to die atop his foe, turning into the Yew tree which can still be seen there today. Pilgrims still flock here today to leave votive offerings in gratitude for his sacrifice. Anything from bottles and cans, individual gloves and deep in the hedgerows fertility balloons can often be stumbled upon by our pious visitors. Food is an abundant offering with Sliced gherkins and flaccid ketchup drowned chips sprinkled in holy vinegar particularly popular. The symbolism tragically lost to history. Berkeley’s dog Bolton never left the Knights side and died upon the spot where the bench sits today, whether out of loyalty or due to the ready supply of calorie-dense foods we’ll never know.
Popping around the national treasure that is the Lyndhurst one-way system we head west on the A35 before taking the right turn to Emery Down. From Emery Down we turn left passing the iconic Portuguese fireplace up the arse-end of Bolderwood to the top of the hill. Regroup if necessary at the top of Bolderwood before taking a sharp left back down to the A35. Cross over and back to the retirement village of Brockenhurst for Vittles.
Looks very chilly but fair on Sunday so I hope to see a great turnout.

Phil H

Club Ride – Saturday 18th January – 1100 start

As with the Sunday ride the start will be put back to reduce any risk of ice / frost from the night before. If anybody is aware of any frost / ice on the roads Saturday morning please post a comment so that we can make a judgement on whether a group ride is sensible.
Plan will be to meet at the usual spot in the main car park in Brookley Road at 1050 for an 1100 depart.
Out via Balmer Lawn to Hatchet Pond and then the loop that takes in Sowley and Bucklers Hard back to Beaulieu. Then another loop around Lepe and Blackfield back to Dibden Purlieu. Return to Brock via Ipley Cross, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Bolderwood and Rhinefield. Coffee at The Sett. Total distance 84Km
Then those that wish can add some extra mileage but if you are make sure you’ve got lights.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Club Ride – Saturday 11th January - Change to off road

Forecast for 40MPH+ winds all morning so this weeks ride changed to off road
This weeks club ride as follows:
Meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Sway Road and pick up the old railway. Wootton Bridge, into the inclosure to Holmsley and follow a circular route via Burley, Poulner, Hyde, Frtiham, Minstead, Canada War Memorial and back to Brock after 73KM and coffee top at The Sett. Options for a couple of short cuts if anybody needs a shorter ride and possible mid ride stop at Hockeys should we need it.
Route at:

Sunday Club Ride 12th January 2020

Meet as usual at the main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This weeks route meanders along the familiar terrain of Rhinefield Rd before crossing the A35 to begin the ascent of Col de Bolderwood, passing the Knightwood oak on our right.
The Knightwood oak is the largest tree in the New forest and at well over 500 years of age the oldest pendunculate oak. Known locally as the 'Queen of the Forest' this young, verdant and attractive tree was reputedly visited and much admired by Henry VIII. A keen horticulturist himself Henry attempted to plant the 'Queens' acorns in his extensive gardens at Hampton court but became frustrated and ultimately enraged by their failure to germinate.
In a peak of fury the King sent his men to lop of the head of the blameless 'Queen' finding her guilty of High Treeson🎤⬇️ . Henry's ongoing problematic relationships with plants can easily be remembered using the mnemonic; Divided, pollarded, died, coppiced, deadheaded, survived"
At the top of Bolderwood we take a right turn downhill towards Emery Down passing the 'Portuguese fireplace', a Tourist attraction only rivalled as a 'Honey-pot spectacular by the forests own Rufus Stone and the hanging gardens of Babylon.
At Emery Down we turn left before taking a right towards Minstead, then left again to the A337. We cross over to Beechwood rd and pass through Bartley, At the heart of Bartley we reach the rightly famous "Tin Church"
Turning right we head towards Woodlands then then right to Ashurst. From here we turn left onto the A35 before taking the right turn down Deerlepe lane to Ipley Cross. From here we head towards and by-pass the hotbed of feudalism that is Beaulieu before returning to Brock via Hatchet pond,
Current forecast is o.k for the time of year. I am back in rude health so hope to see another record breaking turnout.
download the route here.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Sunday Club Ride 5th January 2010

Meet as usual, Brookley Rd Carpark 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start
We head out of Brock via The Rise and Burley Rd, over Wilverley to exit left onto Station Rd down to Wootten. From here we take a left to the tranquil mediaevel hamlet of Tiptoe.
Despite the calm, some might say dull facade that Tiptoe presents today the village once achieved a degree of notoriety. in the 1879 Mary Ann Girling and her religious sect of 'New Forest Shakers' erected tents at a farm at Tiptoe. Girling believed that the Second Coming of Christ would soon occur and that, well basically she was it, writing to the local rag she preached, ' ....I now close this letter with the true and loving declaration that I am the second appearing of Jesus, the Christ of God, the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, the God-mother and Saviour, life from heaven, and that there will not be another'. and that she 'would surely live forever'.
The claim was marginally undermined by her death at the Tiptoe farm on 18 September 1886.
Although Girlings name was largely lost to history, Rockabilly combo 'The New Forest Shakers' did make a comeback in the 1960's with their classic version of 'Tiptoe through the Tulips'.
We head left again through Middle Rd before taking a left to meander along Mead end rd to Sway. Exit right along another Middle Rd, right again along Manchester Rd before crossing the rd to Pitmore lane and continuing until we reach and cross the A337.
Follow Rope Hill through Boldre, Pilley Hill through Pilley and Bull Hill to Norleywood. Avoiding the East End we turn left then left again up to Easy Boldre. We head back down South before turning East to St Leonards and then North again towards Beaulieu.
Once at Beaulieu Rd we take a left up past Hatchett Pond and all the way to the safety of Brockenhurst and some well earned Vittles at the Sett.
Forecast is decent enough so hope to see the usual good turnout
I am currently fighting heroically against a dose of 'chesty man-flu' so may or may not be there this Sunday. Might be worth someone downloading the route which I normally get wrong anyway.