Friday, 6 December 2019

NFCC Sunday Club Ride 8th December 2019

Meet at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
We leave Brockenhurst via Meerut Rd, named in honour the Indian troops of the Meerut Divisions who fought on the Western Front in WW1. Although the Meerut 1st, 2nd and 3rd's all fought with great courage some divisions were more effective than others. Further details can be found at
We turn onto Rhinefield drive and continue to the A35. Turn left onto the A35 and then take care when making the right turn up Lyndhurst rd towards Burley. We avoid reaching the fleshpots of Burley by taking a right onto Forest road and then along Moortown lane until we arrive at Charles's lane and proceed to Ringwood Rd where we head south.
Next we turn right onto Harpway lane and then carefully navigate our way between Sopley and Bransgore. Bransgore is claimed to refer to one of King Alfred's battles against the Danes, Brans from "brains" and Gore from "blood. In the 19th century, Victorian romantics even persuaded the Ordnance Survey to mark the site of a battle at Bransgore. Disappointingly there is no truth in this story. In Middle English 'Bran' and 'Gore' actually mean 'Filthy' and 'Triangle'. It remains a mystery why the residents of 'Filthytriangle' might have wanted to completely make up an ancient, heroic battle.
At the Lamb Inn we head east along Bockhampton and Harrow Rd. Then head north on Forest rd before joining Burley and Pound lane. From the witchcraft nicky-nacky shops of Burley it's back to The Sett at Brockenhurst for a hard earned toasted tea-cake and excellent cup of their finest.
Forecast is 'Not bad for this time of year' so hopefully another well attended week. Route downloadable here

Club Ride – Saturday 7th December

Looks like a good forecast for a nice winter club ride this week.
Usual meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Rhinefield, Bolderwood and similar to last week across the airfield but hopefully not into a block headwind like last week. Then down to Nomansland, Lyburn, Lover, Hale and a bit of hill work around Woodgreen up to the Fighting Cocks. I was going to add some bits of local history like Phil does on the Sunday rides but when I googled Fighting Cocks it wasn’t very helpful.
Then back via Stuckton, Poulner, Crow, Braggers. Coffee stop at the Cider House in Burley and then back to Brock via Holmsley, Setthorns and Sway Road.
Total distance 78Km.
I’m a bit under the weather this week so unlikely to be out but can I please ask everybody to focus on riding standards this week as we’ve been getting a bit ragged the last few weeks.
We’re in winter riding which is slower than our summer pace. Those on the front please keep checking behind to see if the group is split and those behind please communicate with those ahead. Also, those on the front accelerate gently out of corners and junctions and that will help keep the group together.
We have set high standards for group riding so for our safety, the image of the club, the image of cyclists and the New Forest let’s keep it that way.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Sunday Club Ride 1st December 2019

Meet as usual at the main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This weeks route meanders along the familiar terrain of Rhinefield Rd before crossing the A35 to begin the ascent of Col de Bolderwood. We then take a right turn downhill towards Emery Down passing the 'Portuguese fireplace', a Tourist attraction only rivalled as a 'Honey-pot spectacular by the forests own Rufus Stone and the hanging gardens of Babylon.
At Emery Down we turn left before taking a right towards Minstead, then left again to the A337. We cross over to Beechwood rd and pass through Bartley, At the heart of Bartley we reach the rightly famous "Tin Church" about which this poem was actually written by a sober adult in the 1980's.
Poem by the late Pam Brenton about the church.
I have been reading about Bartley Tin Church
it really must be quite old.
Now it is under new management
so new stories will unfold.
Some folk look at it as a landmark
I think it is rather quaint.
Soon it will be in use again
after hard work and a lot of paint.
I remember when it was a church
where people did sing and pray
great to know it has a future again
with forthcoming events on the way.
It is not a very big building
the tower is not very tall
God bless all who toiled for it
good luck to the new village hall.
Turning right we head towards Woodlands then then right to Ashurst. From here we turn left onto the A35 before taking the right turn down Deerlepe lane to Ipley Cross. From here we head towards and by-pass the hotbed of feudalism that is Beaulieu before returning to Brock via Hatchet pond,
I am away this Sunday so the poem recital will have to go ahead without me.
Current forecast is particularly cold but sunny so hopefully another respectable turnout.
download the route here.

Phil H

Thursday, 28 November 2019

NFCC Club Ride – Saturday 30th November

Usual format for a winter ride this week. Meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. (I won’t be at the start as I’m helping Julie first thing but will aim to meet you at the top of Bolderwood so as not to be accused of hill avoidance!).
Out via Balmer Lawn to Hatchet Pond, past Beaulieu and onto Lyndhurst. Take Phil B’s shortcut through the garage and then onto Emery Down and up to Bolderwood. Across Ocknells Plain then Roger Penney Way, hopefully devoid of caravans this time of year and down to Fordingbridge. Up to Sandleheath and then turn back towards Alderholt. Then usual way back to Brock via Harbridge, Moyles Court, Red Shoot Bolderwood, Ornamental with coffee stop at the end after 85Km.
Probably back at Setts unless we need a bigger café.
Aiming to keep pace to around 26KmH this time of year.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

NFCC Sunday Club Ride- 24th November 2019

Meet as usual at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This week the plan is to ride out of Brockenhurst along Rhinefield drive to the A35. From here we cross over to summit Mt Bolderwood then take a left past the old airfield.
We navigate the new traffic calming measures and if everyone survives, drop through Linwood before arriving at Moyles court. Moyles court is famous for having been the home of Alice Lisle who was the last English women to have been beheaded by judicial sentence. Her crime was to give refuge to some ne'er-do-well after the battle of Sedgemoor.
Alice was sentenced by the 'Hanging' Judge Jeffrey's. As his name suggests he was reputedly a particularly chilled out character who like nothing more than blissing out and getting mellow with his homies.
On this occasion however Jeffrey's reportedly 'lost his shit' when Alice repeatedly fell asleep during the trial. In mitigation Lisles defence team stated that Jeffrey's should just take a chill pill, loosen-up and 'take a taxi to the tranquility lounge'. This backfired badly.
Onwards to High Wood lane, through Poulner and along Ringwood lane. From there we ride up the dreaded Braggers lane before once more heading into Burley which has an increasingly poor reputation thanks to scandalous rumours being spread about it’s nightlife. From the fleshpots of Burley we enter Station rd, go up Wilverley rise and down back into into Brockenhurst to complete the 50K route.
Forecast is a bit meh but do-able.
Course is downloadable here.

Club Ride – Saturday 23rd November

Forecast a bit miserable for this Saturday so keeping the ride to a two loop route to give us choices if it is too grim.
Usual meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Lap 1 out via Wilverley, Burley, Crow, Poulner, Ogdens and back to Brock via Red Shoot and Bolderwood. Then planned coffee stop at The Sett after about 2 hours steady riding. Then decision on Lap 2 around Hatchet Pond, East Boldre, Pilley, Sway and back to Brock for the full ride of 83KM.
Keeping to winter pace of around 26Km/H