Thursday, 14 December 2017

Club Ride – Saturday 15th December

Looking at the weather forecast going to make an early call this week and go for another off-road ride. Hopefully we can all dust off the road bikes for the Christmas ride next week.

Plan will be to meet at Beechern Wood car park in Brockenhurst as we have last couple of weeks at 0850 for an 0900 depart.

Through the woods and out at Brock Hill , across the A35 and then back on the trails uo to the Canadian War Memorial. This will be a second meeting point for anybody wanting a shorter ride. I suspect we’ll be here about 0945.

From there back off road to Ocknell’s Plain.

We’ll then tackle Hampton Ridge which will give those on MTB’s an advantage.

Roads section through Hyde, Ogdens and onto Linwood.

Then back on the trails back to the Canadian War Memorial. Down towards the Portuguese Oven and onto Lyndhurst. Coffee stop[ at Tee Total in Lyndhurst. Last leg through the woods back to Standing Hat in Brock and Balmer Lawn. Route will be around 71Km.

Route suitable for cross bikes and MTB’s. Pace will be managed to suit those on MTB’s (promise). As ever with trail rides, always a chance of change with forest operations / map errors.

Route at:

Hope to see another turnout like last week.


Friday, 8 December 2017

Club Ride – Saturday 9th December

Looks like another night of a hard frost and risk of ice so going to go with an off road ride again this week.

Meet at Beechern Wood car park in Brockenhurst at 0850 for 0900 depart as we did last week.

Out via North Weirs, Sway Road and onto the path that follows the old railway. If anybody is joining from the south west we should be at the junction with Wootton bridge about 0920-0925. From there it will be a loop around the Wilverley Inclosure and then across the A35 to Burley. Then past the White Buck Mill Lawn and onto the path at Woods Corner.

Up the hill towards Bolderwood and then double back towards Lynhdurst Road. Then a loop around the tails around Lyndurst Road. Quick hop onto the A35 then at Brook Hill back on the trails for a couple of loops back to Brock.

Then a second loop from Balmer Lawn / Standing Hat.

Back to Brock for coffee after about 56Km

Hopefully back on the road next week


Friday, 1 December 2017

Club Ride - Saturday 2nd December

Looks like another week of hard frost and low temperatures so plan this week to ride off road.
Meeting point the car park at Beachern Wood, Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst. This is the car park on the right as you leave Brockenhurst via Rhinefield Road just as you leave the village and hit the open countryside and headwinds.

Meet at 0859 for 0900 depart. Out via North Weirs, across Culverley and onto Sway Road. Over the railway bridge turn right and then bear right at the railway bridge along the old railway towards Wootton bridge. Should be there about 0920 for anybody wanting to meet there. Then through the Inclosure and cross the A35 at the top of the hill. Then round the back of Burley and under the A31 towards Lindford Bottom Across another trail, round the back of Red Shoot and High Corner. Up to Ocknells Plain, back under the A31 to Bolderwood. Across to Acres Down. Bit of road back to Lyndhurst and then up to Bank and return to Brock. Should be about 60Km. Should be about 3 hours. Nothing mainly gravel paths with a few short bits of single track

Route at

Julie's done some baking so coffee stop at my house at the end of the ride. She's doing a sale of crystals, candles, lamps, jewellery, treatments etc so anybody who wants to browse that and wishes to get a Christmas present and get it wrapped so it doesn't look like a man's done it will be welcome to browse / talk to Julie.


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Turbo 30th November

Just a quick reminder that there is no turbo tonight as the hall is otherwise booked. Back to normal for the 7th, 14th and 21st December. Homework set in Training Peaks for those subscribed. Barry

Friday, 24 November 2017

Club Ride – Saturday 25th November

Looks like a cold day this Saturday but no frost forecast so plan to go out as usual at 0900 on Saturday. If anybody sees ice early Saturday and thinks we need to defer / cancel please add a comment to the club Facebook site and we’ll decide what to do.
Plan to meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Balmer Lawn, Beaulieu, Hill Top, Exbury, Lepe, Blackfield, Exbury, Beaulieu, Bucklers Hard, Norleywood, Pilley, Boldre and onto Burley for coffee at the Cider House after about 65Km. Then either split as people make their way home or back to Brock via Lynhurst Road, Rhinefield Road for an 80Km loop.