Friday, 27 December 2019

Club Ride – Saturday 28th December

Fairly standard format for a mid-winter club ride this week.
Meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Hincheslea, Wilverley, Burley, Crow, Poulner and then up to Fordingbridge and Whitsbury. Turn for home and return via Sandleheath, Alderholt, Harbridge, Moyles Court, Red Shoot, Bolderwood, Rhinefield and back to Brock.
Coffee stop at The Sett and then the mileage monsters can add an extra loop as the weather looks clement enough.
Just under 80Km so at winter pace should be around 2 hours 45 if there are no punctures.

Friday, 20 December 2019

NFCC Sunday ‘Christmas’ Club ride. 22nd December 2019

Meet in the car park on Brookley Rd at 8.50 for a 9.00 A.M start.
The plan this week is to head out of Brock onto the Beaulieu rd via the Balmer Lawn hotel and Spa.
For just £149 of real money the spa offers its guests a luxurious pamper day with ‘Rhassoul mud baths’ and ‘Salt and Oil Exfoliation Treatment’ inclusive. Happily on the clubs winter rides those treatments come as standard, the ‘mini facial’ however has had to be withdrawn following a serious misunderstanding and police caution.
We should profit from a helpful tailwind to reach Hatchet pond before turning south and passing through East Boldre, east of Norleywood and then St Leonards before returning north to the main rd. Turning right and down the hill we approach the tranquil hamlet of Beaulieu.
We sprint majestically up through Beaulieu via Palace lane before turning right onto Exbury lane, through Exbury and down to dodge the waves at Lepe. From here up through Langley and Blackfield before heading back towards Beaulieu along Rollestone Rd. sadly it looks like we will be facing the traditional headwind all the way back to Brock from here.
Back in Brock we will head to the Sett for Coffee and perhaps a festive mince pie (250 cal's per pie!, just saying)
Forecast is meh this Sunday. Hope to see another great turnout. If the Saturday ride goes belly up due to the poor weather I'll probably do an extra loop somewhere so if anyone fancies extra's..
Course downloadable here

Phil H

Club Ride - Saturday 21st December - CANCELLED

As I feared there is still too much standing water for a safe group ride so apologies no club ride this Saturday. Hopefully things will clear up for Sunday.

Club Ride – Saturday 21st December

Not looking good for the Saturday ride this week. There was a lot of standing water on the local roads yesterday that are making it unsafe for a group ride. The two main issues are that we cannot see hazards within the standing water such as pot holes, missing drain covers / manholes and the actions of other road users when confronted by standing water might put us in a hazardous situation. I’m going out this morning so will make a final call lunchtime when I’ve seen the roads today.
Weather forecast not looking great either, so I don’t think we’ll be missing much. Sunday looking better so hopefully the roads will have drained off by then and we can have a good turnout on Sunday.

Friday, 13 December 2019

Sunday Ride 15th December 2019 - AKA Budge's birthday ride

Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to the birthday ride on Sunday, hope you can join me for 71 miles ,or pick us up along the route. Start from Cafe Velo, Ringwood at 9 o'clock, roadside coffee stop at about 45 miles and eats back at Cafe Velo afterwards. The route is the same as last year and the weather looks like being similar too! Nevertheless we enjoyed it last year so I'm hoping for a good turnout again
John Burridge

Budge (John B)

Club Ride – Saturday 14th December – OFF ROAD

Forecast for this Saturday is for high winds so as usual when this occurs the ride will move off road.
Usual meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road
As the weather forecast is not great suggest keep the plan flexible and make up on the day depending on who’s out and for how long.
There is an old route that can be used for whole or par of the ride below:
Route out via Sway Road and the old railway to Wootons Bridge to pick up anybody joining from the south-west and then follow our well used routes to Burley and take it from there.
I’m not around due to family Christmas duties but hope to see you all next week.
Have a good ride