Friday, 22 February 2019

NFCC Sunday Club Ride. 24th February 2019

Another great turn out last week, let's go for double figures again.
Meet at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst (Opposite the Tesco Express) 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
The first part will be familiar to chain-gang regulars, we go up Rhinefield to the A35, turn left then take care when taking the right turn towards Burley. Before reaching the fleshpots of Burley we turn right onto Forest road then onto Moortown lane. Follow this rd until we arrive at Charles's lane and if it's o.k with him proceed to Ringwood Rd where we head south. Next we turn right onto Harpway lane, then east along Bockhampton and Harrow Rd. Then head north on one of the many imaginatively titled 'Forest rds' before joining the familiar Burley and Pound lane. From Burley it's back on the Chain-gang route into Brock to complete the 49K-ish route.
Forecast is o.k so look forward to seeing another good turnout. 
Route downloadable here 


Club Ride – Saturday 23rd February

Weather holding fine so a normal Saturday on the road this week. Usual meet at 0850 for a 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Sway Road, Sway War Memorial, Pilley, Norleywood, East End, Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu. A loop around Lepe and back to Beaulieu. Then back though East End, Lymington and onto the coffee stop at Mabel’s in Boldre. Then back to Brock for a total of 95Km or arrange a second loop at the coffee stop for the club’s mileage monsters.
Pace circa 27KmH.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Sunday Club Ride- 17th February 2019

Spring has arrived (yes it has) and it's time to celebrate with the 6 month anniversary of the Sunday ride. 
Meet at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This week the plan is to ride out of Brockenhurst along Rhinefield Drive, up Bolderwood and then down past Linwood to High Wood lane, through Poulner and along Ringwood lane. From there we turn up Braggers lane before heading to Burley. From Burley we enter Station rd, go up Wilverley rise and down back into into Brockenhurst to complete the 50K
It's a deckchairs and Hankie's for hats kind of forecast (relatively) so I hope to see a good turnout.
Course is downloadable here: 


Club Ride – Saturday 16th February

At last, a decent weather forecast for a Saturday so it’s business as usual and back on the road this week. Usual meet point in the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst at 0850 for an 0900 depart.
Out via Balmer Lawn, Hatchet Pond, North Lane, Ipley Cross, Colbury, Ashurst, Woodlands, Bartley, Newbridge, Landford and Hamptworth. Return via Nomansland, Ocknells Plain, Red Shoot, Poulner and onto a coffee stop at Café Velo in Ringwood. Then return to Brock via Crow, Burley and Wilverley. Total distance 85Km then I suspect a few will be making the most of a decent day and doing a second loop after that.
Winter pace, 26-27KmH

Friday, 8 February 2019

NFCC Sunday Club ride. February 10th 2019

Let's try again, if the weather gods allow it....
Meet at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst (Opposite the Tesco Express) 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This week the plan is to head out on the Beaulieu Rd to Hatchet pond, turn south for a loop passing through East Boldre before returning to pass through Beaulieu. We head up Palace lane before turning right onto Exbury lane and towards Lepe, from here through Langley and Blackfield before heading back towards Beaulieu along Rollestone Rd. Returning to Brock on the Beaulieu rd.
Current forecast for Sunday is cold and damp but otherwise not too bad. Hope to see a a good turnout. 


NFCC Club Ride – Saturday 9th February – OFF ROAD

Once again, the weather is against us and the high winds forecast for Saturday means that a bunch road ride is not an option. So, revert to our plan B and get the MTB / Cross bikes out and we’ll head out on the trails. Meet at the usual place behind Sainsburys in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst at 0850 for an 0900 depart.
Out via Sway Road and then onto the old railway towards Wootton Bridge (hopefully good for those coming from the south west who want to meet en route.
Then though the enclosure just after Wootton Bridge to Holmsley, cross the A35 and then thought the next enclosure. Back onto the old railway, Castle Hill, Picket Post, Linford and then on the trail back to the A31 bridge. Cross the road and onto Ocknells Plain, Fritham, Abbotswell Ridge, Frogham, Ogdens (optional coffee stop at Hockeys or we can carry forward to the end). Then back via the back of Red Shoot, Bolderwood and one last off road section at Brockhill. Total of 75Km but options to cut short for those that wish.
Pace to suit those with the slowest bikes!