Friday, 25 May 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 26th May

What better way to keep cool than a brisk ride through the National Park. Rather selfishly I'm planning a slightly shorter ride this week as I've got a 100M sportive on Sunday. Plan is for a 40 mile loop of the forest leaving Brock at 0900 from the Watersplash. Out through Burley, Crow, Ringwood, Poulner, Moyles Ct, Gorley, Stuckton. Turn back for home at Godshill, Wood Green, Deadmans Hill, Fritham, Bolderwood, Ornamental Drive and Back to Brock. Chance of some through and off practice from Hale and Ocknells Plain as well. Look forward to seeing you all in short sleeves for once. Barry

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chain Gang - 24th May

At last a sunny Thursday night. The NFCC Chain Gang will leave Brock as usual at 1900 for a 45-50 minute effort ride around Burley. Speed will be dependant on who's there. If you've not tried it come along and give it a go and hang on as long as possible. Friendly help and advice offered to newbies. Please try and complete your warm up to be ready to ride at 1900. No chain gang next week as there's a club TT with Sotonia on the same day. Hope to see you tonight Barry 07711 631826

Friday, 18 May 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 19th May

Weather looks fair tomorrow as long as we're back by 2200! Plan tomorrow is a 54 mile loop starting from Brock at 0900 as usual. Ride out through Ornamental Drive up to Bolderwood. Across Ocknell Plan and Fritham, do doubt battling some hard winds so come prepared to do some through and off. Past Bramshaw, Blackhill and start the return through Ridge. Return through Bartley, Ashurst, Beaulieu, East End, Sway and Brock. Hope to see a good turnout Regards Barry

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chain Gang - 17th May

Normal chain gang tomorrow night. 1 hour ride around Burley. All welcome. Pace will be dictated based on the abilities of who's there. Start at Brockenhurst near the watersplash at 1900. Barry 07711 631826

Friday, 11 May 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 12th May

Time to dig out the factor 30 and throw away leg and arm warmers it's going to be sunny this weekend. Apologies for another bad weather forecast last night as the chain gang ended up being a 2 up in the rain. Plan for Saturday is a 50 mile loop from Brockenhurst leaving at 0900. Out towards Burley, Setthorns, Sway War Memorial, Boldre, Pilley, Norleywood, East Boldre, Beulieu, Ipley Cross, Lyndhurst, Ashurst, Woodlands, Minstead, Acres Down, Bolderwood, Ornamental Drive, Burley Lawn, Burley and back to Brock about 1200. There's a a lot of debris on hte roads at present so please give your tyres a thorough check and make sure you've got 2 spare tubes. Good luck to those doing the Jurassic Beast this weekend, Phil C, Graham J and myself will testify that the Epic course is a hard day out after last years. Hope to see you Saturday Barry

Friday, 4 May 2012

Club Ride Saturday 5th May

A dry forecast so hopefully a standard Saturday ride. Tomorrow's plan is a loop around the forest with 50 and 60 mile options. Hopefully leaving those riding the Isle of Wight on Sunday a medium ride to save a little energy for that. Start point as usual is the Watersplash at Brock for an 0900 departure. Ornamental Drive, Bolderwood, Red Shoot, Myles Court, Frogham, Blissford Hill (down), Godshill, Woodgreen, Nomansland, Newbridge, Ashurst, Marchwood, Beaulieu, Hatchet Pond. Here we can split if necessary for 50 or 60 mile loops. For 50 miles straight to Brock (don't use Balmer Lawn as road is flooded and closed) For 60 miles, East Boldre, Norleywood, Pilley, Sway, Setthorns, Wilverley, Brock. Optional cafe stop in Brock at the end. Hope to see a good turnout. Barry 07711 631826

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Chain Gang Thursday 3rd May

At last there's a decent weather forecast on a Thursday night. I've spoken to a number of people over the last couple of weeks who are a little put off by the speed of the chain gang. To assist those I'm planning on reducing the speed for the next two or three weeks and running them as training sessions for those that wish to practice. Don't be intimidated, the stronger riders will take longer turns on the front. I'll be at the Watersplash in Brock at 1900 tomorrow. Hope to see you there. Session will take just under an hour so please arrive already warmed up. Barry