Monday, 29 October 2012

Turbo Training 2012/2013

As per last winter the club is putting on turbo training classes to help with quality training over the winter months to compliment base training and prepare riders for the time trial season. Sessions will start on Wednesday 7th November. Sessions will be help at Tiptoe Church Hall in Vaggs Lane. Doors open at 1930, warm up will start at 1945 and the main session at 2000. The duration of the sessions will vary but will normally be around 75 -90 minutes including warm up and cool down.

The sessions will be run along the lines of training within certain training zones to increase lactate threshold and to help train your body to deal and process lactate. The result of this structured training should result in you being able to hold a higher effort level for longer.

If you've got a heart rate monitor please wear it, if not don't worry as I will give advice based on the Perceived Rate of Exertion scale which requires no equipment. If you can complete the lactate threshold heart rate test described on the training blog before the sessions that will help you.

Please remember that we are hiring the church hall and there are a few house rules we need to adhere by:

1.       No cleats on the wooden floor.
2.       All riders to have a mat / carpet under their bike and turbo.
3.       All riders clear up their own sweat and mess!
4.       Please make sure your bikes are clean before bringing them into the hall.

Checklist of what to bring:

  •        Bike, make sure tyres are pumped up
  •        Turbo
  •        Mat / carpet
  •        Cycling shorts
  •        Skewer for turbo
  •        Shoes
  •        Drink
  •        Food for afterwards
  •        Change of clothing for afterwards
  •    Towels, additional small towel for when riding is useful
  •    Heart rate monitor
  •    Extension lead if your turbo requires mains
  •    Front wheel raiser

Cost of each session is £4 to cover cost of the hall hire.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Testing and Training

Now that we’re about to start base training it’s vitally important that we train with the right intensity to ensure that we get the best adaptation effect from our training and that we don’t train too hard or too easy. Most riders have heart monitors so here is a guide on how to work out your training zones for the winter and how we can use that data to improve our training.
The baseline for the calculations is your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR). This equates to the maximum effort that you can put out for one hour. Once we know this figure we can calculate our zones for base training and intervals for time trialling as a percentage of this figure.

How to calculate your LTHR

Warning, this is not easy or pleasant! No matter how fit you are this will always be a maximal effort and will hurt. This exercise is best completed on an indoor bike or turbo trainer to minimise external effects / traffic and for safety reasons.
Make sure you’ve had a 24 hour rest period before the test. Ensure that you’ve been well hydrated during the day.
Ensure that you’re thoroughly warmed up. There is a good warm up routine on the British Cycling website that I’ve re-produced below:
Use a relatively high gear, but one that allows use of the same gear throughout.
Example: Large chainring, halfway up the rear cassette. (RPM) Instruction/Focus

dence (RPM) Instruction/Focus
Cadence (RPM)
5 minutes
Smooth pedalling
2 minutes
Smooth pedalling
2 minutes
Smooth pedalling
2 minutes
Smooth pedalling
1 minute
110 Smooth pedalling
30 seconds
Maintain form
2 minutes
Relax and recover
6 seconds
Max rev out
1 minute
Smooth pedalling
6 seconds
Max rev out
1 minute
Smooth pedalling
6 seconds
Max rev out
2 minutes 42 seconds
Relax and recover

Once the warm up is completed you need to go straight into a 30 minute maximal effort. If you’ve got a programmable heart rate monitor set intervals for the first 10 minutes and the last 20 minutes. Our LTHR is the average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the session. If you’ve not got a downloadable HRM use a friend to record your heart rate every minute during the last 20 minutes and work out the average manually. Don’t be tempted to look at the HRM yourself as this will encourage you to work to your pre-existing feelings of heart rate. All you must do is focus on producing that maximal effort for 30 minutes.
Don’t forget at least 10 minutes of cool down after this to normalise heart rate and breathing.

Training Zones

Now that we know our LTHR we can start to target our training appropriately.
Heart Rate
Active Recovery
Very easy.
LTHR -40 or more
Too easy for your fitness. But this is where we perform the volume of base training.
20-40 beats below LTHR
Comfortably hard. This is an area where most people spend too much training and can have the least benefit.
10 to 20 beats below LTHR
Hard but sustainable for long intervals. Training here improves the body’s ability to use and clear lactate.
O – 10 beats below LTHR
Hard. Only sustainable for short intervals. Build up of lactic acid.
0-10 beats above LTHR
Extremely hard. Can only maintain for very short intervals.
10 beats or more above LTHR

The majority of our winter training should be in zone 2 to build up that aerobic base that we need for all disciplines. Efforts should mainly be in zone 4 to improve our efficiency to deal with lactate. Being more efficient here will train our body to be able to sustain higher pace and power.
I’ll cover this in more detail at the clubs base training evening in November. But in the meantime if you can spend some time and effort to calculate your LTHR that will be of benefit when we start base training.

Yours in training
Barry Wootten

Joe Friel’s Training Blogs
British Cycling Training Guide

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 27th October

Weather forecast good if a little cold so what better way to keep warm than a 3 hour loop around the New Forest?

Plan this week is to ride 48 miles in 3 hours. Still working at base intensity. Should be 20-40 beats below Lactate Heart Threshold but more of that at a forthcoming training session but please feel free to ask about the science on the way round as we should be riding at a conversational pace.

Plan is for a depart from Brock at 0900.
Sway Road, Sandy Down, Pilley, Norleywood. East End, Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu, Hill Top, Exbury, Lepe, Langley, Exbury,. Hill Top, Dibden Purlieu, Roman Road, Ipley X, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Bolderwood, Ornamental Drive, Brockenhurst.

Hope to see you Saturday


Friday, 19 October 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 20th October

Make the most of the decent weather and head out for a nice ride this weekend.

Plan for this week is a 55 mile ride at around 16 MPH average so about 3 1/2 hours.

Depart Brock 0900 sharp from St Saviours Church.

Route plan as follows:

Hinchelsea, Wilverley, Setthorns, Sway War Memorial, Boldre, Pilley, Portmore, South Baddesley, East End, East Boldre, Beaulieu, Hilltop, Exbury, Lepe, Blackfield, Exbury, Hilltop, Dibden Purlieu, Ashurst, Woodlands, Bartley, Minstead, Emery Down, Bolderwood, Oranmental Drive, Brockenhurst.

I won't be there this week as I'm riding a century on Sunday. I'll be at the start tomorrow with a map / gps that you can follow. I'm sure there will be riders there who know this route and will lead.

Hope to see a good turnout.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 13th October

Forecast is good for tomorrow and a bright autumnal day in prospect. Tomorrows ride will be a 50 mile loop around the forest at an average speed of 16-17MPH. As a number of members may be doubling up this weekend with the Grid Iron we will aim to keep the pace steady as we should be this time of year. If you haven't already it's a good time to change to winter tyres as we had 4 punctures last week after the heavy rain.

Plan for tomorrow:

Brockenhurst 0900 depart

Ornamental Drive, Bolderwood, Jasnesmoor Plain, bramshaw, West Wellow, Plaitford, Nomansland, Lyburn, Hamptworth, Lover, Deadman Hill, Godshill, Three Lions, Stuckton, Moyles Court, Red Shoot, Bolderwood and Brock. Should return around 1215 punctures permitting.

Hope to see you tomorrow

07711 631826

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Club Ride - Saturday 6th October

Plan this week if for a slightly longer ride (62 miles) at our slightly reduced autumn pace (16-17 MPH). Also this week there will be many hundreds of additional riders on our regular roads due to teh Wiggle sportives so I've planned a route that avoids most of the masses as far as I can. However, if the weather takes a turn for the worse there are many ways to shorten the route if required. So the plan is as follows:

Brockenhurst for 0900 departure.

Wilverly, Burley, Braggers Lane, Sopley, Hurn, Ringwood, Bleak Hill, Fordingbridge, Godshill, Woodgreen, Hale, Lover, Hamptworth, Furzley, Newbridge, Bartley, Ashurst (short cut to Brock along A337 if you want a 50 mile ride), Colbury, Ipley Cross, Beaulieu, Brock. Should be back about 1245.

Hope to see a good turnout form those not riding the sportives.