Thursday, 28 May 2015

Club "A" Ride - Saturday 30th May 2015

Change to the usual pattern this week as Peter and Carolyn have kindly offered to provide mid ride refreshments and have also planned a ride on a couple of roads that we don’t normally use.

Target pace for the “A” ride will be 28KMH

There will be a further post with a “B” ride from Nomansland

Outwards from Brockenhurst via Crow-Moyles Court-Harbridge-Alderholt-Fordingbridge-Whitsbury-Rockbourne-Damerham-Martin-Cranborne-Verwood.
Coffee at 74 Manor RoadVerwoodBH31 6EA.
Return to Brockenhurst via Alderholt-Fordingbridge-Moyles Court-Red Shoot-Bolderwood-Rhinefield.

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 28th May

Usual plan tonight

Meet outside St Saviours Church, Burley Road, Brockenhurst for 1845 depart

One loop of the Burley course

Speed depending on who's there and if we have a group as large as last week may split into two

All abilities welcome


Friday, 22 May 2015

Club Rides - Saturday 23rd May 2015

A Ride

100K loop departing from main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst 0900 Saturday. Please be at start for 0850.

Out via Ornamental Drive, Red Shoot, Harbridge, Alderholt, Sandleheath and then cross back into the forest via Wood Green. Loop around Roger Penney Way, Blissford Hill and then possible coffee stop at Hyde. If anybody wants to meet us there ETA will be around 1130-1145. Then back via Ogdens, Red Shoot etc.

B Ride

B ride usual meet at Nomansland at 09:20 for 09:30 start. Slightly different ride this week, we are going to do some hill training so will be engaging in a "10 hill ride" as follows - 

Nomansland -> Pipers x3 -> Bramble x3 -> Furzey -> Ryedown loop (5 mile loop - Ryedown->Gardeners Lane->Shootash->Tanners Lane) x4 -> Nomansland. 

Young, fit, thin people can add extra iterations if they feel the need. The rest of us can skip one here or there as necessity dictates.

Should be a total of about 30-35 miles, about 650-700m ascent.



Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 21st May

Chain gang running as usual tomorrow night

Start time 1845

Start point outside St Saviours Church, Burley Road, Brockenhurst

All abilities welcome, the way the chain gang works riders of varying speeds are accommodated 



Friday, 15 May 2015

Club "B" ride Saturday 16th May 2015

This weeks “B” ride led by Bill and Adam is as follows:

Meet at Nomansland opposite The Lamb) at 09:20 for 09:30 start. 

Route will be Nomansland->Lyburn->Hamptworth->Redlynch->Downton->Alderbury->West Dean->East Dean->Lockerley->Newtown->Sherfield English->Plaitford->Nomansland. 

Route subject to change depending on weather, who attends and if I get lost. Should be about 35 miles, give or take, at around 15mph.

Club "A" Ride Saturday 16th May

This weeks club ride is just over 100K with a target pace of 28KMH

Depart from the main car park in Brockenhurst opposite Tesco at 0900 so please aim to be at the start at 0850

Route will be out via the Burley Road, Setthorns, Sway, Pilley, East End, Sowley, Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu, Lepe, Blackfield, Debden Purlieu, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Bolderwood, Burley and Brock


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 14th May

Chain gang running as usual tomorrow night

Start time 1845

Start point outside St Saviours Church, Burley Road, Brockenhurst

I won’t be there this week

If weather looks too bad please add comment to the blog

Have a good ride


Friday, 8 May 2015

"B" Ride - Saturday 9th May 2015

Bill and Adam are adding a “B” ride to this weeks schedule. Plan is:

Meet at Nomansland (by the Lamb) at 09:20 for 09:30 start. Planned route is Pipers (ouch), Roger Penny, Sandy Balls, Blissford (ouch again), Gorley, Red Shoot, Emery Down, Minstead, Bartley, Furzley, Penn Common, Nomansland. About 30 miles with a few lumps. Aiming to average around 14-15 mph so around 2 hours riding. Option to shorten by cutting across the airfield if it gets too wet and windy.

All welcome to join


Thursday, 7 May 2015

"A" Ride Saturday 9th May 2015

Hopefully we’ll be running two rides this week. The “A” ride will be a 100K circuit with a few options to cut short if you wish

Depart will be 0900 from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Please arrive for 0850.

Route will be:

Brockenhurst, Burley, Braggers Lane, Poulner, North Gorley, Ogdens, Hyde, Stuckton, Fordingbridge, Braemore, Wood Green, Roger Penney Way, Furzey, Newbridge, Bartley, Minstead, Bolerwood, A35, Lyndhurst Road, Burley (probable coffee stop at the Queens Head), Brockenhurst

100K at 28KMH average will be the target pace


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 7th May 2015

Chain gang is back to the normal Brockenhurst / Burley loop this week

Winds are forecast to have died down by then and the new surface between Brock and Rhinefield is all OK now

Start time 1845 form outside St Saviours Church in Brockenhurst. Arrive warmed up and ready to start

All abilities welcome, for those that haven’t been before the ride gradually picks up pace and forms into smaller groups of similar speed as the ride progresses

Hope to see you Thursday


Friday, 1 May 2015

Club rides - Saturday 2nd May 2015

This weeks rides as follows:

A ride

Brockenhurst, Beaulieu, Colbury, Ashurst, Woodlands, Calmore, Hillstreet then some uncharted roads to Stockbridge where we plan to stop and the Woodfire cafĂ© after 60K so punctures permitting about 1115. If you have a Garmin please try and upload the route it does help when we’re using new roads.

There we will meet Neil who is riding home form Reading and as a reward for meeting us he’s promised to ride on the front for the next 50K as we make our way back to Brock

Target pace 27K

Bring a jacket as it looks like we may have some light showers later on

B ride
Hopefully there will be a 30-40 mile B ride at a slower pace this week

Meeting point is the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Meet at 0850 for 0900 depart and home in time to watch the Tour of Yorkshire