Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 19th April

Plan tomorrow is to go out at 1900 from Brock for a 1 hour through and off ride. As the weather forecast is poor tomorrow I'll make a call by 1800 on whether we go ahead or not. As you can appreciate riding fast in close formation carries risks and it's not a smart thing to do in poor conditions.

If you're planning on coming out tomorrow please let me know and I'll contact you by text and email by 1800 with go / no go call.



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wiggle Sportive Saturday 14th April

For those that have entered for Saturdays ride I have agreed with Wiggle that we can all start together and show a strong presences from NFCC. As there are a mixture of riders doing the Epic and Standard I'm going to suggest a start time of 0830. We can all ride off together up Rhinefield and then the group will naturally split as we go up the hill to Bolderwood. Please wear club kit if you can. We want to create a good impression of the club and cyclists in general. Remember there has been a lot of anti-sportive / cycling press in the local rags recently so please do nothing that fuels that debate adversely.

If you can aim to be registered and near the start pens at 0820 we can all move up together and start as one.

Good luck for the event.


Chain Gang Thursday 12th April

As the daylight has extended a little tonight's chain gang will start at 1900 from Brockenhurst. Meeting point outside St Saviours Church near the waterplash. The plan will be to use the 18 mile loop around Rhinefield / Burley / Wilverley that we used last week.

We will go straight into the through and off drill from the start so please ensure that you're warmed up before the start. Suggest you have a waterproof tonight just in case as the forecast isn't great. Also please ensure you've got lights as it could get dark very quickly.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Club Ride Saturday 7th April

Now that the winter programme has finished we will resume the regular Saturday rides from Brockenhurst at 0900 on Saturdays. Meeting point is outside St Saviours Church near the Watersplash. As this is the last week of the Sunday Time Trials the ride will run at a steady pace, about 50 miles / 3 hours.