Friday, 27 April 2018

Club Ride – Saturday 28th April

Meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Rhinefield, Bolderwood, Red Shoot, North Gorley, Fordingbridge. Then out of the forest via Whitstsbury, Coombe Bissett, Broad Chalke, turn for home and stop at the community shop in Martin where they made us so welcome a few weeks back for coffee.
Return via Sandleheath, Alderholt, Harbridge.
Optional short cut back to Brock via Bolderwood or carry on around the Braggers loop for a total of 109Km. 


Thursday, 26 April 2018

Thursday Night Chain Gang – 28thApril

Chain gang running as normal tonight
1830 depart from outside St Saviours Church in Brockenhurst
I might be late home from work so please leave on time if I’m not there
Keep up the standard from last week, nice tight lines with no wheel overlapping, single up when required quickly and decisively. If the group is too large (more than 12) consider splitting into two groups.
Note, from next week start will move to 1845

Friday, 20 April 2018

Club Ride – Saturday 21st April

At last summer weather so look forward to seeing everybody out on their summer bikes and short sleeves. This week will be a two lap ride so options for a 88Km lap one and an optional 50K lap two after the coffee stop.
Meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst as usual. Out via Balmer Lawn, Hatchet Pond and a loop around Sowley and Bucklers Hard. Then another loop around Lepe and Calshot. From Beaulieu up to Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Bolderwood and back to Brock for coffee.
This week Julie is running a coffee morning for a charity that she supports so we’ve been invited to hoover up. There is no obligation to make a donation as most of you have been very generous supporting other coffee mornings for Sport Relief etc but for anybody that wishes to there will be a box for the local Red Box Project:
After coffee for those that wish another 50K loop back over Bolderwood and around Hyde.



Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thursday Night Chain Gang – 19th April

At last some proper spring weather for the chain gang. So, we’ll be departing at 1830 from outside St Saviours Church in Brockenhurst as usual.

Thanks for the riders who have supported the first two chain gangs this year. Standard of riding has been good for the first rides. Two coaching points to raise from those rides:
·     Week 1, number of riders in the fast line were in too much of a hurry to get to the front and accelerated in the faster line. This caused the line to fragment. Aim is to keep the two lines moving at slightly different paces and keep the group as tight as possible. Happy to say that in week 2 this was a lot better.
·     Week 2, we had several occurrences of riders moving across into the slower line not taking enough pace off. The caused the rider on the inside to have to take far too long a time on the front. So, if you’re the leader of the slower line and riders are not coming through try and control your pace to let the faster lane catch and pass.

Pace of rides will pick up over the next few weeks and if the group size gets any larger we may have to consider splitting into two groups.
As well as a good workout the chain gang is skill training. So think about your riding and its effect on the group, we are trying to move as efficiently as possible around the circuit. Keep the group tight, if there are an even number of riders you should see the front and back riders changing simultaneously and two even lines.
Aim tonight will be to keep the group together until the top of Wilverley and then if there are stronger riders to create two or more smaller groups for the fast finish into Brock. But please respect the pinch points where it is not our priority, try and predict where the oncoming cars are and plan passing through the pinch points with the minimum of disruption to the group.

Enjoy the ride


Friday, 13 April 2018

Club Ride – Saturday 14thApril

This weeks club ride will take us out of the forest and up to the John Lewis cafĂ© at Leckford. There’s a Wiggle ride on so normally best to keep out of the way of that.

Usual meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.

Out via Balmer Lawn, Beaulieu, Ipley Cross, Ashurst, Bartley, Newbridge then head out of the forest towards West Wellow. Loop around Lockerley, Dean, Tytherley, Broughton and onto the coffee stop in Leckford after just over 80Km.

Return via our well sued route through Stockbridge, Houghton, Mottisfont, Awbridge and back to Brock via Ocknells Plain and Bolderwood for a total of 133Km.


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Thursday Night Chain Gang 12th April

Chain gang is on tonight, 1830 start from outside St Saviours Church in Brockenhurst. All welcome. Barry

Friday, 6 April 2018

Club Ride – Saturday 7th April

Looks like we’ll be dealing with a few showers again this week so make sure you’ve got some lights and a light jacket for the ride. Usual meet at 0850 for 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst.
Out via Rhinefield Road, Bolderwood, across Ocknells Plan, Nomansland, New Road, across the A36 towards Plaitford. A loop around Dean Hill and back into the forest via Redlynch. Then onto Godshill, Fordingbridge and out of the forest via Sandleheath and onto Martin. There is a new community shop in Martin and they’ve opened up a coffee shop in the hall there on Saturday mornings so we’ll aim to stop there after just under 80Km.
Then back down to Fordingbridge and return to Brock via North Gorley, Red Shoot, Bolderwood.
Total distance 117Km. Couple of options to cut short for anybody looking for a shorter ride.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Thursday Night Chain Gang - Re-starts 5th April

For those that know the form 1830 from Brockenhurst. For those that don't the long version below:

Now that the evenings are getting brighter and we’re turning up the intensity of our training the Chain Gang training ride will re-start on Thursday evenings. Thursday has been chosen as to best fit between Tuesday night TT’s and weekend racing / long rides. The rides will involve a 45 minute loop around Brockenhurst and Burley riding at speed and effecting smooth and safe changes of riders on the front. The rules of the chain gang are harsh but fair. If you’re dropped or have a simple puncture it is up to you to find your own way home, if you crash, are ill or have a serious mechanical the group will stop.
For those of you not familiar with the Chain Gang it can best be described as a road version of a team pursuit or a team time trial. Each rider takes a short turn riding on the front and then moves to the back and takes shelter from the wind. Riding this way enables the group to travel faster than individuals and also practices skills needed for road / circuit racing. Newbies welcome, guidance will be given for those new to the discipline. Those that rode previous years have certainly improved their skills and fitness over the summer.
There are, however ways in which different abilities are catered for in a chain gang, the stronger riders will take longer turns at the front. Depending on the groups we have I would think that the initial training rides will be running at around 20MPH and in a month or so towards 22-23MPH. If numbers are high we will split into smaller groups so that we are not a hazard to other road users. In such cases we will try and match the fitness of riders as best as possible.
We have practiced this drill a number of times on the Saturday endurance rides and previous years. Those that ride on the track are well experienced in this discipline and those of you that rode the 2-up also. I propose to run the first couple of rides as training rides at a slightly slower pace so everybody can practice the drill and become familiar with the course. I would also appreciate riders who are experienced at riding in pace lines to join in and improve the quality of the group with their experience. On those early rides we will practice the drills for riding in single and double pace lines so that we can ride hard but safely through the summer.
These rides will require a high level of discipline so please read below what is expected of you:

What to bring:
Road bike, riding on tri bars is not allowed and being late on the brakes will not be appreciated by other riders. Remember you are responsible for your safety and those around you.
Tubes / pump / multi tool. If you puncture, hard luck. You are responsible for your own repairs.
Mobile phone. If you have a serious problem please call ride leader. If you drop off please text ride leader so we don’t have to turn back fearing the worst.
Lights / reflective clothing. We will be out near dusk on the early rides.
Drink / energy food.

Do’s and Dont’s
Be aware that everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you. If you brake out of turn this will have a concertina effect and disrupt the whole group.
Never half wheel. When you hit the front, keep the pace consistent, if climbing keep the effort consistent.
When you come through for your turn and move over to the recovering line, do so smoothly and close to the rider you are taking over from. Don’t leave them with a massive gap.
Don’t leave gaps. If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.
Don’t nail yourself trying to do super-hard turns if the pace is above what you are capable of or you know you are tiring. If you start to get dropped, the group will have to slow down to look after you, or in some cases you will be dropped. Or you may be able to follow the group whilst you recover.
Show your respect for other cyclists and the drivers with whom we share the road. Remember we represent cycling in the New Forest and want to enhance the reputation of cyclists not hinder it.
If you need to spit, makes sure you’re at the back of the line!
We learned last year that having one course that we all knew well worked best. So the meeting point will be outside St Saviours Church in Brockenhurst each week. The ride will start promptly without a warm up so please do your own warm up routine before the prescribed start time.
The course will run anti-clockwise, up Rhinefield Road to the A35, then ride easy and single file to the Burley turning, re-start at the top of the first rise and continue to the Queens Head, re-group at the top of the hill by Burley Cricket Club and then continue to Brockenhurst or maybe a little beyond up the Rhinefield Road if we want a longer turn.
We will have to navigate the pinch points between Hincheslea and Brock but hopefully at the time of day we're riding they will be quiet. If you're on the front try and anticipate well in advance whether we should go or ease off.
The first rides will start at 1830 during April, 1845 in May, 1900 in June and July, 1845 in August and 1830 in September. Details each week will be posted at and the club Facebook page as will any cancellations for bad weather.
Look forward to seeing you out on Thursday evenings.