Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Programme

This year I have put together a flexible programme for the Autumn which is designed to accommodate those who wish to undertake a post season recovery phase, as an entry for group riding for those that have not tried it before and with the options for longer rides for those that want to keep their mileage up or just enjoy our longer Saturday rides.
To enable us to reach all our membership I have rotated the start points each week and aim to repeat the programme three times up to Christmas. Each week there will be a 30-40 mile loop for the main ride with an optional additional loop for those who want to “go long”.  As we’re in a period where the weather might cause a change of plan please check for any late changes of plan and confirmation of each weeks route.
As most of the riders are outside of their competition phase we will be keeping the pace a little lower than the summer rides. Expect 15-16MPH average speeds over the autumn.
Please ensure that you dress appropriately for the conditions and visibility. Also make sure you’ve got front and back lights on your bike. Other riders will also appreciate it if you take the trouble to fit mudguards when it’s wet. Also, please minimise the chances of punctures by fitting robust winter tyres and check them regularly for damage. We can never eliminate the need to stop for mechanicals but we can reduce the number of occurrences with a little preventative maintenance.
If you have a Garmin or other GPS please take the trouble to load the routes.

The schedule

5th October

2nd November

30th November
Ashurst Station Car Park

Free parking in station car park
Ashurst Station, Woodlands, Bartley, Minstead, Emery Down, Bolderwood, Brockenhurst, Hinchelsea, Sway, Boldre, Pilley, East Boldre, Beaulieu, Ipley Cross, Colbury, Ashurst Station
43 miles
Lap 2
Lyndhurst, Beaulieu Road, Ipley Cross, Colbury, Ashurst
56 miles

12th October

9th November

7th December
Burley Cricket Ground

Parking at cricket ground and car park opposite
Burley Cricket Club, Burley, Crow, Poulner, Mockbeggar, Ogdens, Hyde, Stuckton, Godshill, Roger Penney Way, Ocknells Plain, Bolderwood, A35, Lyndhurst Road, Mill Lane, Burley Cricket Ground
32 miles
Lap 2
Queens Head, Lyndhurst Road, A35, Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst, The Rise, Sway Road. Setthorns, Burley Cricket Ground
49 miles

19th October

16th November

14th December
Outside St Saviours Church

Parking in The Rise opposite the church
Brockenhurst, Balmer Lawn, Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu, Hilltop, Exbury, Inchmery, Lepe, Calshot, Blackfield, Exbury, Hilltop, Beaulieu, Bucklers Hard, St Leonards, East End, Norleywood, Pilley, Pitmore Lane, Setthorns, Hinchelsea, Brockenhurst
43 miles
Lap 2
Rhinefield Road, A35, Burley Lawn, Burley, Wilverley, Hinchelsea, Brockenhurst
58 miles

26th October

23rd November

21st December


Parking opposite The Lamb
Nomansland, Furzley, Black Hill Road, Shootash, Kents Oak, Lockerley, East Dean, West Dean, West Tytherley, West Winterslow, East Grimstead, Whiteparish, Newton, Hamptworth, Lyburn, Nomansland
35 miles
Furzley, Newbridge, Bartley, Minstead, Emery Down, Bolderwood, Ocknells Plain, Nomansland
55 miles

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Club Ride - Saturday 28th Sept

Change from the norm this week. To mark the end of summer riding the plan is to take the Saturday ride out west and do a loop around Purbeck. I am indebted to Neil for the route and his experience of riding with BJW for the local knowledge.

Start time will be 0900 from BURLEY CRICKET CLUB.

For those wanting a shorter ride there will be a second meeting point in Hurn and the junction of Matchams Lane and Avon Causeway. This is 8 miles into the ride so ETA is 0930. Please let me know if you intend joining at Hurn

The whole ride is 75 miles so about 50 for those joining at Hurn. Due to the extra length and the Purbeck Hills the ride will be a little slower than those of late so we'll be aiming for 16MPH, so given a couple of stops for bars I would expect to be back at Burley at around 1400.

Garmin route at

I'm aiming to get an autumn programme created over the next few days and thanks to those who have assisted me with that. I have a number of coaching commitments over the autumn so it will appreciated if some of the membership can help with leading the rides and keeping the pace at the right level.

I will send out a further confirmation of the route on Friday as at present the weather forecast is for heavy rain all day. Avon Causeway is not the best cycle road on a good day so if visibility / conditions are poor we'll revert to a shorter route. If it's only light rain / showers, dress well, put on lights and Rules 5 and 9 apply!



Thursday, 19 September 2013

Club Ride 21st Sept 2013

This weeks ride will depart from Brockenhurst at 0900 on Saturday.

Route as follows:

Brockenhurst, Balmer Lawn, Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu, Hill Top, Exbury, Inchmery, Lepe, Calshot, Blackfield, Exbury, Hilltop. Dibden Purlieu, Roman Road, Ipley Cross, Matley Wood, Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Bolderwood, A35, Burley, Wilverley, Brockenhurst.

50 miles, 3 hour pace

Hope to see a good turnout


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Club Ride - Saturday 14th September

This weeks ride will be a repeat of the route we used on the 17th August.

Depart from Brockenhurst at 0900, out through Wilverley, Burley, left at teh Queens Head, right onto Braggers, Poulner, up Buddle Hill (practice for Sundays Hill Climb, down Blissford Hill, Godshill, Nomansland, Newbridge, Bartley, Minstead, Emery Down and back to Brock. Should be 50 miles so aim for 3 hour pace.

I won't be there this week as it's the start of my Level 3 coaching course so have a good ride and keep the pace sensible as we're now at the seasons end.

See you next week.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Thursday Night Chain Gang - 12th Sept and onwards

Chain gang will not be running this week. British Summer Time has beaten us. Look forward to re-starting in April.

Thanks and well done to all those that have supported the 2013 rides.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Club Ride Saturday 7th September

This weeks ride is a 55 mile 3.5 hour loop around the forest that we used for one of the June rides. Takes in a few of the good hills around the north of the forest.

Depart 0900 from Brock as usual.


Brockenhurst, Burley, Crow, Moyles Court, Ogdens, Hyde, Stuckton, Godsill, Woodgreen, Hale, Deadmans Hill, Godshill, Blissford Hill, North Gorley, Red Shoot, Bolderwood, A35, Burley Lawn Brockenhurst.

Should be back around 1230.

Route at

Make the most of the good weather before we start taking things wasy with the autumn programme.



Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chain Gang - Thursday 5th September

Weather and daylight look good to keep the chain gang running for a bit longer.

This week we'll be back on the Brockenhurst / Burley course.

Depart from outside St Saviours Church in Brock at 1830.

Please note earlier start due to shortening of daylight hours. Please make sure you've got lights front and back from now on.