Friday, 21 November 2014

Club Rides - Saturday 22nd November

Forecast is for heavy showers so plan is to keep local and ride 1, 2 or 3 loops of 16-17 miles around Brockenhurst so riders can stay out as long as they wish

A ride 3 laps, B ride 2 laps

If the numbers for the B ride are low lap 1 will be at B ride pace

Lap 1
Car park, Brookley Road, Balmer Lawn, Hatchet Pond, East Boldre, Norleywood, Pilley, Shirley Holms, Sway War Memorial, Sway Road, Brockenhurst
17 miles

Lap 2
Brock, Rhinefield Road, A35, Lyndhurst Road, Burley Lawn, Mill Lane, White Buck, Wilverely, Brock
16 miles

Lap 3 (A ride)
Rhinefield Road, Bolderwood, Emery Down, Lyndhurst (optional short cut to Brock), Beaulieu, Hatchet Pond, Brock
27 miles

For the A ride take pace down to 16MPH average as we’re into base training now. Total distance for 3 laps is 60 miles in around 3 hours 45

Plenty of option for café stops in Brock / Beaulieu / Lyndhurst if weather turns nasty.

Depart 0900 sharp from main car park in Brookley Road Brock opposite Tesco. Please aim to be at the start for 0850.

Remember this week will have washed a lot of stone onto the roads so make sure your got 2 spare tubes.

Plus remember rule 9 applies so hope to see those to who that applies!


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