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This year we plan to build on the clubs traditional 8 week plan to a 12 week plan with some periodisation built in. The three month plan will be split into three blocks of four weeks with a gradual progression built into the three blocks. As we are training over winter there may be some last minute changes to the plan if inclement weather intervenes or roadworks dictate. The objective of the plan is to build base fitness for the summer season. The base period should precede a “build” phase of more quality training to enable riders to be able to peak later in the year. The plan is designed to suit the needs of most disciplines enjoyed by club members and should allow for riders to tailor it to suit their needs. In addition we hope to make the rides enjoyable and social occasions for all members.
Should the numbers on the rides become so large that we represent a hazard to traffic we may split the group to minimize disruption to other road users.

• All rides will start at 0900 sharp. Please aim to be at the start for 0850 for a briefing as to what the plan is for the day.
• The route for each ride will be posted by Thursday each week via the NFCC email group. If not subscribed please contact and an invitation will be sent out.
• If there is a last minute change of plan due to weather a text and email message will be sent out before 0800 on Saturday with either a postponement or cancellation notice. E.g. if it’s icy the start time may be deferred by an hour or two or the ride deferred to the Sunday in extreme conditions. Please ensure that Barry Wootten has your mobile number, an “In Case of Emergency” number and is aware of any allergies or medical conditions that the emergency services may need to be aware of.
• Please ensure that you are carrying two suitable tubes and tools / pump. Also that you are riding with suitable tyres for winter riding and that they are in good condition. We all get punctures but it is extra important in winter to minimize them as it’s easy for everybody to get cold waiting for a repair.
• Ensure that you carry enough food and drink for you to complete the ride. With the exception of the century ride we do not plan to stop.
• Ensure that your bike is equipped with working front and rear lights. Conditions can change quickly especially on long winter rides.
• Invest in some good-quality winter clothing, because getting cold, wet and uncomfortable on the bike is a great way to lose enthusiasm for cycling. With the proper kit you'll be prepared for nearly all that the winter can throw at you. Essentials are windproof gloves and overshoes, helmet and skull-cap, a windproof top and full-length bib tights.

We are aiming to make the training as relevant as we can for the majority of riders to prepare themselves for the season for numerous disciplines. Please ensure that you can comfortably complete the distance and average speed before joining the group rides. If you are only able to sustain the pace for a short while it is OK to join the rides for an hour for example and then drop off and return at your own pace. If you do so please let the ride leader know so that the rest of the group doesn’t spend the day looking for you.
The stronger riders in the group will keep to the planned pace of the group and may do more time on the front to make their training a little harder.

It is imperative that we ride safely and that we are advocates for cycling and NFCC in particular. Riding in club kit is to be encouraged and we will ensure that we are exemplars for cyclists everywhere. There are some key principles for which we all need to adhere to and ensure that those new to group riding are introduced to.
• We have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users. We share the road with others and must remember that at all times. We will generally ride two abreast but keep a fairly tight formation. There may be times that the road conditions dictate that we ride on single file. At such times signal your intent and move smoothly into line without overlapping wheels.
• When on the front keep the pedaling smooth and consistent. Avoid sudden changes of pace as these will be amplified down the group. When moving to the front keep the pace the same. It is not a time to accelerate. If you wish to move to the back after your turn at the front indicate your intent with a flick of the elbow. Then move clearly to the right after checking that it is safe to do so. Ease off the pace and then filter in behind the last rider.
• Point out hazards to others. Not every little blemish in the road but those that may cause damage to a wheel or require deviation from the line being taken. Do not brake or make sudden movements. The further back riders are the less time they will have to react.
• If you need to expunge any bodily fluids please move to the back so that they are not shared with fellow riders.
• Ride close but not too close to the rider in front. Take benefit from the drafting effect but NEVER overlap wheels. Keep a small gap; we are not the GB team pursuit!
• Be aware of those behind you. Let the ride leader or those in front know if others are dropping off the back. If you see people drop off the back be prepared to allow them to catch you and then pace them back to the group if possible. We will try to post a “tail gunner” on each ride to watch for this but please be aware of your fellow riders. Even the strongest and most experienced can have off days or take on insufficient fuel.
• Concentrate. Keep watching the rider in front and those around you. We are all responsible for our own safety and those of others.
• Mechanical problems / punctures. These will inevitably happen. If they do raise an arm and advise the other riders. We will then endeavour to stop where it is safe to do so and rectify the problem.

Wiggle are running their Spring Sportive from Brockenhurst in mid April. What better chance to put into effect that base training and complete a long ride with those that you’ve spent three months training with. Entries are now open for the 14th April at:
If we can get a good size group we will be able to start and ride together. This would be a great chance to ride well, display club colours and show what exemplars we are for cyclists, the club and our area.
Suggest that we enter the Saturday ride as there may be a time trial on the Sunday.
Thanks to Nick for running the programme for many years and giving us the base for this years programme.
To Peter, Graham and Patrick for their inputs and checking (and anybody else I’ve consulted and forgotten.

Here’s to a good winter’s base training. Look forward to seeing both regular and new faces in January. Also, don’t forget there are usually endurance rides every Saturday at 0900 from Brockenhurst and 0845 Sundays from the Wheel Inn at Pennington.
07711 631826

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