Monday, 28 November 2011

Perceived Rate of Exhaustion

We will refer to PRE as a simple way of ensuring that the endurance rides and turbo sessions are at the right intensity. If you're unfamiliar with the PRE scale (there are different ones) this is how we will refer to the PRE:

Percieved Rate of Exhaustion Definition
0-1 No exertion No effort. Sedentary.

2-3 Light exertion Intensity of a warm up or cool down.

4-5 Medium exertion You're breathing a little faster. Your heart is pumping a little faster. You're feeling a little warmer. This is what base training should feel like.

6-7 Moderate exertion You're breathing pretty hard now, you're probably sweating a little. You can talk, but it's getting tougher. This is where we will be during the tempo intervals on the base rides.

8-9 Hard exertion. You're breathing really hard and you can only say a few words at a time. You're wondering how long you can go on like this. 10 mile TT effort.
This will be the maximum intensity during the early winter turbo sessions.

10 Hardest exertion You cannot keep this pace for more than a minute. Speaking is impossible. This is your limit. Max sprint effort.

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