Thursday, 21 November 2019

NFCC Sunday Club Ride- 24th November 2019

Meet as usual at main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This week the plan is to ride out of Brockenhurst along Rhinefield drive to the A35. From here we cross over to summit Mt Bolderwood then take a left past the old airfield.
We navigate the new traffic calming measures and if everyone survives, drop through Linwood before arriving at Moyles court. Moyles court is famous for having been the home of Alice Lisle who was the last English women to have been beheaded by judicial sentence. Her crime was to give refuge to some ne'er-do-well after the battle of Sedgemoor.
Alice was sentenced by the 'Hanging' Judge Jeffrey's. As his name suggests he was reputedly a particularly chilled out character who like nothing more than blissing out and getting mellow with his homies.
On this occasion however Jeffrey's reportedly 'lost his shit' when Alice repeatedly fell asleep during the trial. In mitigation Lisles defence team stated that Jeffrey's should just take a chill pill, loosen-up and 'take a taxi to the tranquility lounge'. This backfired badly.
Onwards to High Wood lane, through Poulner and along Ringwood lane. From there we ride up the dreaded Braggers lane before once more heading into Burley which has an increasingly poor reputation thanks to scandalous rumours being spread about it’s nightlife. From the fleshpots of Burley we enter Station rd, go up Wilverley rise and down back into into Brockenhurst to complete the 50K route.
Forecast is a bit meh but do-able.
Course is downloadable here.

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