Friday, 29 November 2019

Sunday Club Ride 1st December 2019

Meet as usual at the main car park in Brookley Rd, Brockenhurst 8.50 a.m for a 9.00 a.m start.
This weeks route meanders along the familiar terrain of Rhinefield Rd before crossing the A35 to begin the ascent of Col de Bolderwood. We then take a right turn downhill towards Emery Down passing the 'Portuguese fireplace', a Tourist attraction only rivalled as a 'Honey-pot spectacular by the forests own Rufus Stone and the hanging gardens of Babylon.
At Emery Down we turn left before taking a right towards Minstead, then left again to the A337. We cross over to Beechwood rd and pass through Bartley, At the heart of Bartley we reach the rightly famous "Tin Church" about which this poem was actually written by a sober adult in the 1980's.
Poem by the late Pam Brenton about the church.
I have been reading about Bartley Tin Church
it really must be quite old.
Now it is under new management
so new stories will unfold.
Some folk look at it as a landmark
I think it is rather quaint.
Soon it will be in use again
after hard work and a lot of paint.
I remember when it was a church
where people did sing and pray
great to know it has a future again
with forthcoming events on the way.
It is not a very big building
the tower is not very tall
God bless all who toiled for it
good luck to the new village hall.
Turning right we head towards Woodlands then then right to Ashurst. From here we turn left onto the A35 before taking the right turn down Deerlepe lane to Ipley Cross. From here we head towards and by-pass the hotbed of feudalism that is Beaulieu before returning to Brock via Hatchet pond,
I am away this Sunday so the poem recital will have to go ahead without me.
Current forecast is particularly cold but sunny so hopefully another respectable turnout.
download the route here.

Phil H

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